Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rest Day, Bunbury

Jan 18

There is a primal satisfaction in sleeping at dusk and rising with dawn. Despite our lives being surrounded by light any time of the day we want, I am certain that deep down it feels best to rest when the day ends. The ground was not hard last night, and I slept well, rising only slightly sore, but glad I was to get a rest day in. I rolled down to the beach, which is secluded for at least a half mile in either direction. Only the tracks of a dog were fresh on the beach. The water was warm, again, not something I am used to, and again I braced myself before jumping into the waves, only to be delighted at its warmth. Still wet, I rode to the top of the hill where the wind was up and made my breakfast without the flies that inhabit the dunes en mass. I hope my route does not make these days uncommon.

So far I am the only American I have met; seems us Yanks don’t make it to WA (Western Australia) as much as Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. The people I meet are interested in American Politics and want my guess as to what the election will bring. Today it was Peter, a tan rotund man, well traveled, but yet with the image of a provincial. He was very opinionated, and I tended to agree with him on most points. Whatever my or anyone else’s views on politics are, it seems the rest of the world will be ready for our current president to leave office.
I enjoyed a cup of coffee today, something I am stereotypically addicted to in Seattle. Out here it’s great coffee, but expensive, and it’s hard to justify 3 bucks for a cup when a sack of loose leaf tea is 7 bucks and looks like it might just last the trip. But when I do treat myself, it makes for a hell of a cup.

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