Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hostel to the Flies

Something that is par for the course in Australia is the abundance of flies. Much smaller than our North American counterparts but twice as audacious, they will go for any part of your body that seems somewhat moist i.e. eyes, nose, mouth; when you sweat, which is a lot, they are all over you. Had this been my first time out here, I think I would be going insane. However, for now at least, they seem a minor, if not a little bit disgusting, annoyance.

For the most part, the hostel is about as clean as you would expect. Clean sheets, no bedbugs (but a very visible warning to announce to reception if you have come from a place with bed bugs) and the showers are not gross by any means. However, the kitchen and patio are in a loosing battle against the backpackers, and the flies are reaping the rewards. As I type in the room adjacent to the kitchen, I can count twenty flies without getting up from my seat, and that’s the best it has been all morning. Who’s hungry?

I can slowly feel myself starting to adjust to traveling alone. I consider myself a sociable sort, so it is strange not to be around all the people I am usually close to, or even a travel partner who is there to watch your back and add another brain to any ideas that come up. It takes some time to make this transition, and while my emotions tend to roller coaster a little bit, I look forward to the challenge and riding into whatever comes with the next mile.

My bike has hopefully made its way to Perth this morning, and with that in my possession, I will feel far more complete and prepared to, well, bike across Australia.

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