Saturday, January 19, 2008

Obligatory Food blog.

Being my rest day, I figured I would treat myself to a real lunch and went to the local pub. I had a pint of the Black Swan out of Perth and followed that up with a guinea pie – Great, Good and Expensive – $22.50, and that’s American bucks, cause if you don’t know the dollar is getting crushed down here and in the rest of the world. That night I had to do some food shopping and replenish my supplies. I went to the grocery store for the long haul stuff. Muesli, tuna, and rice were the main items on my list. Then I noticed the meat – so much meat – so much cheap meat. At first I wanted the sausages, then I wanted the lamb, then the kangaroo. I was in a great red meaty heaven, and I knew I was going to take advantage of the barbeque at the caravan park and eat like a king. All supplies, plus meat, and fresh veggies, two VBs, and way more food – all totaled – 27 bucks. I don’t think I will ever eat at another restaurant again (unless someone takes me out). The roo was lean and tender, a little gamy, but went down easily. It felt good to be topped-off for the next day, when I was up at 3:30 a.m. and on to Bussington on the 19th.

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Jeffdo said...

Attaboy Jordan,
Keep thyself well fed and watered.
JeffD in soggy seattle