Friday, January 25, 2008

I eat my way through Pemberton

January 22nd 7pm

The first thing I saw as I went to the reception at the caravan park office was the mottled tan and brown fresh farm eggs. I had not had eggs in about a week. They were $1.05 for three. I opened up the stove and cracked them. The yolks were orange, almost red. I was at first concerned that they were fertilized, and cracked another just in case. Nope, just rich orange yolks. I ate them scrambled. This was, of course, not enough for lunch, and I made my way into town to grab some groceries. An advertisement for marron caught my eye. I had just read about marron, a large freshwater crawdad that inhabits the streams and rivers of this area. Not one to pass up an opportunity to eat something new, I went in. I was not impressed. It was essentially a small, overpriced lobster. It would have been great with some spice, but the meager amount for the price was not something I was interested in. I ordered a burger afterwards. Later that night after some milk and yogurt, I was on my way to bed (my swag) when I was offered a glass of wine by Janet. She was a Queenslander gone Kiwi after meeting her husband, Tom, from Auckland while traveling in London. (say that five times fast) They were in Southwest Australia on holiday with their youngest son, Richard. They had seen me the night before and wanted to know more about my trip. As we chatted over wine, Janet brought me two slices of pizza that she insisted had to go. This was followed with more wine and then a vegetable curry. It felt good to be taken in; to have a meal cooked for me on the road is real luxury and a true kindness. They too were heading to Walpole tomorrow.

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