Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Misconception of the country.

Between this trip and the last I have seen a fair bit of this country. Even so, I expect that each hill I roll over will open up to a vast expanse of outback nothingness. Australia is dry, but desert is not all it has. Riding into wine country this morning was a dream. There was the smell of citronella of the bush. A smell I had only caught a little of since riding from Perth. This soon gave way to vineyards and open fields, and the spicy smell of the citronellas gave way as the sun heated up the earth and unlocked the smells of tilled land and the not unpleasant odor of well fed animals left freely to pasture. I arrived at Margaret River early enough to boil my billy tea, check the tourist information center, and book a wine tour in this much-talked about wine country. Everyone I had met since Perth asked me if I was going to try the wines in Margaret River. I had to.

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