Monday, January 14, 2008

Hostel to the Flies – Pax Duex

So the fly epidemic continues. It looks like the large amount of flies was, fortunately, not par for the course. Not that that makes it much better. I came back from the grocery store to find the kitchen pleasantly clean and complete with the comforting neon purple hum of a bug-zapper just to the left of the kitchen sink. The hostel clerks were now armed with matching purple swatters and their enthusiasm for the death of the little bugs was palpable. The body count was beginning to become quite visible from my spot on the couch watching season five of “Family Guy” with some of the hostel's other denizens. From my vantage point, I counted 23 little corpses. Just to the left in the kitchen, two Irishmen joined the fun by hitting various parts of the kitchen (yes on the spots where we ate) in an impromptu fly killing contest. Minutes later the flies, no doubt in a panic as their spot as the dominant creature of the hostel begins to wane, start crawling all over the bodies of there comrades for what reason I shudder to think. Cannibalism? Stealing wallets or tooth fillings? This would not be so depressing if this were the outback or a third world country, but it’s a city in a first world country. So it goes.

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