Monday, December 31, 2007

Pre trip jitters

I woke up this Wednesday morning slightly sick to my stomach. A feeling I expect to have every day until I am comfortably out of Perth, and on my bike for a few days. I have been sleeping in my basement for the past two days with all my gear that has exploded all over the room, much of it still in packaging. I hate to go into a trip with lots of new gear but there is still a nifty thrill of outfitting yourself for a big trip. In between the brand new Steri Pin and gortex bivy sack are some tried and true bits of kit - old panniers that took me through France and Italy, the sleeping bag that kept me warm on the Atlantic (sans mildew smell, took a while for that to go). In addition my tool kit and med kit are certainly the most complete and thought of any trip I have taken with the exception of the Atlantic. Aside from biking, staying cool, and unburned my chief concern is updating this website. I choose a data enabled phone with fold out QWERTY keyboard as opposed to a sat phone and laptop, I figure with the amount of cell service and Internet cafes I can keep the blog up dated regularly and not deal with the bulkiness and expensive hassles of both. I suppose we will all see how that works out. For now, it's back to packing.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Oh ode to ludites

I find it strange that I am taking so much effort to bring this adventure to imagination land (the internet) considering my general dislike of stuff like this. However, I love the idea of bringing a travel log to people. It was a blast doing it on the ocean and I expect the same in Australia. Seven full days before I fly. Hopefully it is enough to get my communication ducks in a row.