Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My road.

Jan. 26

I love the bike. Love the road. However, this is a different type of travel. I go on my own energy alone and in many ways this limits me. I am constantly keeping a watch on my food and water levels and managing my rest. Because of this, a 10 km detour to a must-see spot is more often than not, too much. Because of this, I see the road. My free time is not spent in populated areas soaking in the towns and vibe. I feel the road. I smell the farms, the gum trees and the road kill. I see the day wake up and hear the birds and animals. I am exposed and get the grit of the road on my shins. These are my impressions. Good, but it also makes me want to come back and see this through different eyes. Right now though, I love it.

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