Wednesday, February 20, 2008

S 32.03.070 E122.58.203

Feb 10th Ten till ten p.m.

I lay beneath the Southern Cross. Mars is a brilliant red. Bugs hum. Dinner was rice and tuna. Anthony and I sit in our bush camp content and optimistic after nearly 125 km. We sleep in an open spot among young gum trees. My knee seems on the mend – knock on wood. Sleeping under the stars on a cool, clear night with no artificial light brings me delight in the brilliance of an unknown antipodal Milky Way.

Feb 11

I am at the Balladonia roadhouse. I am caked in sweat, dirt and sunscreen. To be frank, I love it. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying that earning your dirt. I could shower, but its $ 3.50 for ten minutes, and I think I can make it another day to the next one. For now though, I am loving the dirt.

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