Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crossroads to the World.

Feb 1

I must admit that the ghosts of my last hostel experience are long gone after my three nights at the Esperance guesthouse. Really, it is more like a B & B, and it’s cheaper than the hostel in Perth. In the morning there is cereal and fresh baked bread with brewed (not instant) coffee. Perhaps I am just lucky this time, but the guesthouse seems to attract a wide range of people. There is an Argentine student, a Japanese abalone diver (he is fishing today and hopes to bring home fish for all), a young Swiss couple, a French Canadian couple from Saskatoon, the token Brit, an Austrian kite-boarder, a Kiwi photographer, a whale diver from Tonga, and of course a sprinkling of Aussies. Most important is the light and friendly atmosphere that fosters the camaraderie of travel that is shared by all. Inevitably I linger longer at breakfast and dinner when I should be resting or preparing, but I find it hard to tear myself away from the accented chatter and ideas from people all over the world. There is also a fresh fig tree close by, and they are delicious.

P.S. Readers, thank you very much for following me on the blog I am glad I can provide you with an update every day. As you have probably noticed I am a bit ahead of the blog and for good reason. The internet on the nullarbor will be quite spotty and I would still like to have a new update every day. I promis once I get to the other side I will put up the blogs a little quicker and get us all back on the same page timeline wise. Again, thanks for reading, i hope you enjoy my observations and pictures.


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