Sunday, February 3, 2008

My neighbors for the evening.

Jan 28th - evening.

In addition to the kangaroo, which I am watching right now, there is a lovely, old, and both somewhat scantily clad in green, German couple cavorting with it. Incidentally, the same German lady generously brought me an apple, a kiwi and a cup of coffee as I awoke from my nap this afternoon. I would like to have thought it was my rugged Scandinavian good looks that motivated her to do this kindness, but after watching her affection with the kangaroo, it’s quite clear she just has sympathy for hairy, rangy animals.

This little roo knows a good thing when he sees it. I know they are a dime a dozen out here, but they are truly remarkable animals. Their thigh bones are nearly as long as mine, and it is incredible to see the ease and distance that they hop.

My other neighbor was Peter from Sweden. He had just finished cycling the Nullarbor. From his description, he carries roughly a third of what I carry. This increases his dependence on roadhouses and civilization. While I carry more and for the most part ride from one inhabited area to another, I can choose not to. Also, Peter does not drink a lot of water – sometimes 5 liters over a 200 km distance. I don’t really want to increase my risk that much. I would rather my bike resemble a dromedary than a faster equine, considering that there are wild camels on the Nullabor, but no wild mustangs.

Peter definitely travels faster than I do, and his skin is tanned to a reddish brown. Luckily, I have avoided this so far and believe I have just got a healthy glow. Different customs, I guess.

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Alex said...

Jordan - once again, you rock. For all of the craziness I witnessed you partake in at UPS, I am still amazed and impressed by your eloquence. I hope that your trek (a bikeabout, perhaps, rather than a walkabout?) serves to placate your wanderlust, at least long enough for you and Greg to fully plan and prepare for your next adventure, which sounds just as impressive and awe-inspiring as these first two.

Good luck and safe travels!
Alex G.