Saturday, February 9, 2008


Feb 3

Esperance, Western Australia

I feel well prepared for this next and hardest part of the trip. However, I am very sad to leave such a good place with such good people. That is just the way when you travel. Each moment tends to be fleeting, so you take notice when it happens to you. Anthony and I treated ourselves to an easy ride to the beaches and a swim in this amazingly clear water. The wind was down, the sun was up, and it’s easy to feel clean and free on the beach. The water was cold and refreshing, something we’re going to miss very quickly very soon. Again, I am very glad for the company and eager, and a bit apprehensive, to see how this first short two-day run to Norseman will go. However, our bikes are ready, and our food packages have been sent ahead. Now we just go ride to meet them.

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