Friday, February 15, 2008

Pieces parts.

Feb 6.

Anthony’s part came today, and we should be on the road tomorrow as planned. However, we took advantage of the extra day and took a boat ride to Woody Island 14 km offshore. On the way, we stopped at the various granite islands – huge lumps of igneous rock made smooth through the weather. There are very few trees, and what do exist are all windblown to a small size. There are huge sea lions and seals that bask among the rocks. Geese flock around them, as well as a few feral goats left over from the pervious century. Most impressive were the two very territorial sea eagles that jump from island to island feeding on birds and fish. It was one of these that made a spectacular crash off the port bow of our catamaran as it dove for a fish.

Once on the island, we enjoyed some tea and finished with a glass-bottom boat ride. There were lots of yellow flowery cold water coral and a host of fish and sea grass. It has been a good use of what could have been some very frustrating days. I now feel fully rested and am certain we will be on the road tomorrow.

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