Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A tough time getting out of the city.

March 15th

Today was my last full day in Melbourne. Jonno and I drove to see the regatta that Lats was coaching for just outside of town. It was a low-key day. Jonno and I have decided that I will surprise Lats at his bucks party on the 28th of March up at Mt. Hotham. It sounds like a good time. Tonight we b-b-q'ed. Jonno and Suze invited more friends over and are already filling into their role as the Lord and Lady mayor of Kensington with the amount of entertaining they have accomplished in 9 days at their house. I fill up on half a farm of meat and am happy to ride the next day as I can feel the weight coming back on, eating as I have from the top paddock in this wonderful city. I will miss this city and my lovely host and hostess.

March 16th

As in most cases I procrastinate when I have to leave a place I like. After all, it doesn't really matter where I end up if I’m sleeping on the road. Thus I coasted through the city to meet Jonno for a breakfast of pancakes. I was excited to dine on pancakes, something I have not had nor found in Australia thus far. They were excellent, but they were not American pancakes. That I think is something I’ll just have to hold out for till I get back to North America. However, I did eat chili, hot chocolate, and my pancake (more of a crepe) was covered in honey and ice cream that was in no way bad at all. Jonno is quite a traveler himself and will be covering his seventh continent in the next year or so (Antarctica). He’s a travelling kindred sprit, and we exchanged stories and new ideas. I find that it is best to throw out as many travel ideas as possible because 99% of them will not work out, but without a steady flow of them you will never hit the right inspiration. We shall see what happens.

I left rather unenthused to bike through the suburbs and out into the country. Burb ridding is not exciting and is very stressful. Once out of the burbs and into the country, I found myself on country roads with city traffic. I was happy when I found my spot for the night

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