Monday, April 21, 2008

Back on the Road.

March 30

Lats, Benny, Rowie, and I were the last to leave. It had snowed that night, but the roads were fortunately clear. Lats approached me just as we were clearing out. He asked me to come to his wedding. I could not have been more honored. The only question was this. The wedding was 6 days away in Melbourne, and I had my ride to think about. I had already got a ticket to leave Canberra on the 8th to go back for Jonno’s birthday party and to hike Wilson’s prom. Along the way, I had planned on climbing Kosciuszko, Australia’s tallest mountain. There were a fair bit of hills in between where I needed to be. But hell, it was a challenge, and I was totally in. We ate bacon and grits and coffee at the scene of last night’s crime, now back as a coffee shop and restaurant. As we left Lats’ picture was on the General’s Facebook page.

It was cold and windy. The lads were jealous of the ride I was on, but not this part. They left. I went back in to ask for a newspaper and some plastic bags. I stuffed my jacket with the paper and put the bags over my hands, and into the clouds I went. It was steep, cold and felt like winter. I felt hardcore, and imagined I looked crazy to the cars heading up ahead of me. The descent took me from alpine to forests. Nothing but up and down from here to Canberra. No flats. Found a lovely country road that night. No lines, just creeks and cows. I rolled off the road after nightfall and made my bed.

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