Sunday, May 4, 2008

A More Perfect Union

April 14th

A More Perfect Union

An image at the Airport lounge after Jonno dropped me off for my flight to Canberra:

I sit in the Tiger Airways Departure lounge in Melbourne airport -daily service to Canberra. It’s 8:14 am. Either the efforts of pure exhaustion or pure love have created the image of perfect slumber on the hard-grated airport benches. He wears a striped turquoise and blue shirt. She wears a cream colored top. His back lay against the backrest. She faces him. Long black hair cascades messily over the edge of the seat. Both of them are svelte in form, giving the image they are quite tall as they stretch out on this uncomfortable public furniture. A jacket covers their feet. They face each other in almost a kiss. His nose rests ever so on her cheek; her lips are close to his eyes. His left arm curves firmly around her back keeping her secure in her perch. Her heads rests upon his right arm, and his forearm curves with the wrist and fingers hanging in a perfect relaxation.

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